Legal Volunteer Opportunities

Legal Volunteer

Legal volunteer opportunities taken abroad are varied and many. A legal volunteer who takes part in such a program can choose to specialise in a number of different areas such as commercial agreements, corporate law, family law, insolvency law, insurance law, immigration law, intellectual property, competition and consumer rights, dispute resolution and litigation, labour and employment law, personal injury law, property law and conveyance, public interest law, retirement fund law, sports law, tax and estate planning or human rights.

For those who would like to expand beyond legal volunteer opportunities, some firms even offer the opportunity to observe those in accounting, management and business and labour planning to offer the participant well-rounded business knowledge on how each department can work with another. Placements can be situated in a busy, city location such as Beijing or Sydney whilst others may be in developing cities such as Buenos Aires or Ulaanbaatar. Please note, for those based in developing cities, facilities might be more basic than what volunteers could be used to at home and that tasks might take a little while longer to get done as opposed to the fast-paced working environments in the city. This could in turn, make them a lot more interesting though.

Legal volunteer opportunities exist in most countries of the world so if you would like to secure a placement on your gap year, contact one of our partners to help you.