Sailing Courses

Sailing Courses Abroad

Sailing courses are a great way to guarantee a career on the ocean. Take part in a sailing course abroad and become a fully-qualified, highly-skilled skipper and work almost anywhere in the world. The office is the great outdoors and students are encouraged to take part in a whole range of exhilarating water sports during their time off.

Participants are likely to live on board a vessel while they learn the essential skills of the course and have the opportunity to put the navigation theory into practice by making trips across various countries, depending on where you are stationed. Volunteers also learn additional skills such as radio operation and first aid.

Most courses include training, accommodation, meals, equipment, tuition, exam fees and some even include domestic flights (if they are needed). If taking part in a sailing course on your gap year sounds like something that interests you then get in contact with one of our partners.