Sports Coaching

Volunteer Coaching

Sports coaching is an incredible way to inspire a community of under-privileged children and allow them to follow their dreams. The children you will be coaching are very likely to have never played many different types of sport before even though they might be big fans by what they’ve heard or seen by others. Volunteer coaching may seem like something fun to do on your gap year, but for these kids it’s so much more than that.

Sports coaching programs abroad cover such a wide variety of different sports from football, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball and lots more. Some sports coaching placements also offer the opportunity to assist the children with their general homework and language skills, particularly in English. Volunteers are encouraged to befriend the children to create a bond of trust and mutual respect. Sports coaching volunteers are also encouraged to create training sessions and fun playtimes before and after school, to keep the children from getting bored and looking at crime as a way to pass the time.

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