Veterinary Internships

Veterinary Work Experience

Veterinary internships taken abroad should enhance a passion for treating sick and injured animals while gaining valuable work experience abroad. Volunteers who aren’t particularly focused on a career in veterinary science but do have a passion for general animal care are also usually welcome to participate in veterinary work experience. Participants work alongside trained professionals, observing and shadowing them in an effort to learn from what they do. By doing this, volunteers have the opportunity to learn new and exciting techniques not commonly practised in their own countries and sometimes teach the local staff a few techniques of their own!

Due to the living conditions in many developing countries it has become exceedingly common for house pets such as dogs and cats to become malnourished and orphaned. Funding for community housing and food is limited which means even less budget goes towards our four-legged friends. Those who partake in veterinary internships abroad not only assist in veterinary practices but sometimes also run educational clinics to inform the local community on pet hygiene and how to best give general care to the animals they own.

Veterinary internships can be very worthwhile to both the local community and the volunteer.  To secure your veterinary work experience abroad check out our product listings.