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Caribbean Wildlife Centre

Care for the animals of Central America

Caribbean Wildlife Centre
From £945
Duration 14 - 28 Days
From £945
Duration 14 - 28 Days
Volunteer to care for over 175 native animals including jaguars, tapirs, howler monkeys and many more species!

You will assist the local team to care for these animals including jaguars, tapirs, howler monkeys and many more species. The project also works hard to educate the local community about the conservation of their local wildlife and habitat and you can support this area of the centre’s work too. Volunteers enable the project to provide the optimum level of care for the animals and provide additional enrichment.
Explore the local area, tropical rainforests, Maya history, coral reefs and beautiful beaches in your free time.
Volunteers are needed to care for the incredible animals of Central America.

What will I be doing?

Volunteers at the Caribbean Wildlife project assist in the two main foundations of the centre’s work:

  • Animal management
  • Education department

Volunteers should be willing to assist with both the animal management and education department roles as you will be placed where the centre needs most help at the time. Most volunteers get to spend some time of each of the roles.

Animal management

Each day will differ and volunteers are assigned to a keeper at the start of the working day and gain experience in animal husbandry, care, enclosure maintenance and much more. You will have a unique opportunity to work alongside some incredible Central American wildlife. Volunteers assist with:

  • Food preparation
  • Animal husbandry practices
  • Providing fresh, clean water
  • Providing enrichments
  • Animal encounters and animal introductions when they occur
  • Caring for newborns or orphan animals (when required)
  • Maintenance; painting or varnishing fences, signage and railings

There is also the opportunity for volunteers to experience a night tour of the centre and you may also enjoy exciting encounters with a jaguar and harpy eagle.

Education department

Each day will differ and volunteers will be involved in a range of activities which could include:

  • Interactive sessions with visitors with the boa constrictor
  • Carrying out the centre’s interpretive education programme
  • Participating in organising events (such as animal birthdays)
  • Accompanying the education department on outreach education visits to local communities
  • Helping to create lesson plans for educational visits from school children or for school visits
  • Assisting in a weekly reading programme at a primary school split between two communities very near the centre

The centre receives visits from over 15,000 school students each year and there is always a need for passionate and energetic volunteers to help to educate the local community about their native wildlife and how to preserve the environment.


What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
Experience Volunteering
Region Central America
Country Belize

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