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Children’s Kindergarten Project in Thailand

Children’s Kindergarten Project in Thailand
From £999
Duration 28 Days
From £999
Duration 28 Days
Help make a difference on the grounds of an eco-farm in Bang Phra and play a part in the children's first learning experiences.
Your Support

In the kindergarten, the main priority is the children’s safety and wellbeing. As a volunteer in this privately run kindergarten, you can play with the group on the spacious indoor and outdoor grounds, help the carers organise performances or excursions, and take care of the children. During kindergarten, children also develop their first skills which helps prepare them for school. That is why it is important to support all children through answers and advice. For larger groups, this is not always possible for the teachers alone. That’s why you can help the caregivers promote the children’s skills to provide a solid foundation for their future education.

The Kindergarten

Your job site is a kindergarten on the grounds of an eco-farm in the south of Thailand. In the privately run facility, the children can play and develop their social skills in a fun environment. They get in touch with nature and the animals on the farm and learn how to handle both. In addition, they will go through tasks which prepare them for their future education. The concept of the kindergarten is based on an informal ‘learn-by-doing’ approach that encourages children according to their abilities and interests. This concept continues in the adjacent elementary school. The older children will then help the younger ones and thus learn responsibility. In this way, all children benefit from cooperation.

Your Tasks

During your volunteer work in the kindergarten, you can take on a variety of tasks. You support the professionals in the supervision of the children and make sure that all children get the appropriate level of attention. You also help them learn their first numbers and English words. The farm grounds are also open for children to play and learn. This encourages the children to take part in things that appeal to them, whether that be paddling outdoors, through to collecting flowers for arrangements. You could accompany them when they are dealing with the farm animals or playing ball games with them. On some days, there are special events where the caregivers set up inflatable slides for the children or have fun with face paints. Here you help with the construction and dismantling and take care of the children’s activities.

The Hours

The children are in the kindergarten from 8:00 until around 15:30 from Monday to Friday. Your working day starts at about 8:00 am and ends around 4:00 pm when all the children have left. At 12:00 there is lunch for all. You eat in the kindergarten with the caregivers and the children. Since the kindergarten is on the farm, you do not have to drive in the morning. During your down time, you can explore Bang Phra or take a trip to the nearest town, Sriracha (it’s always worth a visit to the night market as well). On weekends, you can drive to Bangsaen for either swimming or exploring the restaurants and bars. In the area, you can also book tours and see, for example, the surrounding islands and traditional temples. On the farm grounds, there are also several workshops to attend, such as massage or Thai cooking classes.

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Pickup
  • In-Country Orientation
  • 24 Hour In-Country Support
  • Personal Contact Person at Rainbow Garden Village UK
  • Assistance with Travel Preparation
  • Rainbow Garden Village T-Shirt
  • Recognised Participation Certificate
  • Extensive Volunteer/Travel Guide
Experience Volunteering
Region South East Asia
Country Thailand

Rainbow Garden Village

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