Humanitarian Projects Abroad

Make a difference to vulnerable lives

Volunteering on a humanitarian project on your gap year is one of the most worthwhile ways you can spend your travels. There are all kinds of programs all over the world, from South East Asia to Africa to South America, all in need of volunteers, meaning you can find the right placement to suit your skills, interests, and travel plans.

Broadly speaking, humanitarian projects aim to help people who are suffering the effects of environmental disasters and hardship. These projects will form part of the relief effort, working to mitigate ongoing effects, support the people affected, and put in place long term plans to ensure a brighter future. This means humanitarian projects may vary significantly in their goals, depending on the problem at hand.

Browse humanitarian volunteering projects


Nutrition Project in the Philippines

from £658

14 days


Help us in addressing critical local public health issue by working closely with our staff and local community members to...

Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement

from £500

7 - 56 days


Volunteer in Ho Chi Minh in an array of different volunteering projects to support this community in need.

Medical Aid in Cambodia

from £610

14 - 56 days


Shadow medical professionals and provide much needed assistance at a local, understaffed hospital in the rural town of Samraong, Cambodia.

Madagascar Physiotherapy

from £545

7 days

Help improve the lives of the local community by providing primary healthcare. This exciting programme will show you the reality...

India Child Care

from £675

14 - 84 days


Create exciting sessions to develop the children’s creative and communication skills at day care centres and community outreach projects. Learn...

Volunteer in Childcare in South Africa

from £176

7 - 168 days

South Africa

Volunteer on the Childcare volunteer project in South Africa. Located in Cape Town.

Volunteer with Street Children

from £880

21 - 182 days


Travel to exciting Delhi and volunteer with street children on this thoroughly worthwhile programme.

Eco-Bricking Project

from £845

10 - 84 days


On this award-winning project, you will help develop the local town of Livingstone with innovative and self-sustaining structures, using innovative...

Volunteer Teaching Monks

from £995

14 - 168 days


Choose to volunteer with novice monks in Buddhist monasteries in beautiful Luang Prabang in Laos, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Community Care in Japan

from £2500

180 days


We offer several caring placement opportunities for volunteers. These are dedicated to helping residents with physical and learning disabilities and...


Cuba Sailing Adventure

from £1292

Spend eight unforgettable days sailing through the island paradise of Cuba. After being captivated by the time capsule that is...

Tropical Discovery

from £492

Cairns is the perfect starting point for lovers of all things nature on land and under the water. Think beaches,...

Land of Belize

from £590

Discover the natural wonders and rich cultural history of Belize. This laidback paradise is packed full of lush jungle, spectacular...

Explore Jordan

from £1199

UNESCO has called the ancient stone city of Petra one of the most precious cultural properties in the world. Experience...

Bravo Italia

from £1471

Discover the true meaning of ‘the good life’ as we spend 13 fabulous days exploring all that the picturesque country...

Ancient Empires—Beijing to Tokyo

from £3199

Explore two ancient nations in 16 well-packed days on this unique journey that takes you from the epic lengths of...

Lima to La Paz

from £2248

Travel through the awesome Andes on this Overland adventure. Unlock the secrets of many mystical sights as you explore the...

East Coast Vibes

from £1199

Prepare for sun-soaked beaches, swim stops and a whole bunch of adrenalin-fuelled activities as we take on Australia’s famous East...

Best of the Red Centre & Eastern Australia

from £3839

Australia is over 7 million sq km (4.35 sq mi) of sand, reef, rock, koala, wine, sailing, ocean, city, culture,...

Delta & Falls Overland (Westbound)

from £663

Feel the splash of the Okavango Delta from a dugout "mokoro" canoe and the mists of majestic Victoria Falls –...

Articles about volunteering overseas


AIDS and HIV relief

The AIDS and HIV epidemic remains a serious problem, especially in some areas of the African continent. A humanitarian project volunteer may work with children orphaned by the virus, go into schools or community centres to provide related education or mentoring, or helping to develop communities that have been held back by the epidemic. This can be a life-changing experience for both you and the people you will help.

Famine and poverty relief

Many areas of the world are still affected by famine and poverty, often due to a natural disaster, failed crops and poor harvests, or other ongoing issues. Volunteer on a humanitarian project abroad and you can work to fight the short term problems of famine, by helping to prepare and deliver food and water, providing sanitary conditions and preventing the spread of disease, and helping to provide medical care for those suffering related medical problems. You may also work to tackle longer-term issues and safeguard against future problems, by helping to build vital infrastructure and providing crucial education to the community. Whatever work you end up doing, you will leave a project knowing you’ve made a huge difference to vulnerable lives

Natural disaster relief

Natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and more, occur all over the world. They can be absolutely devastating to developing countries, and even countries that are able to safeguard against them can often do little against the power of nature. The result is often people left homeless without food or shelter, and conditions where disease can spread easily. Donating money to charity is a valuable way to respond, but if you are able, volunteering with a humanitarian project abroad allows you to become a crucial part of the clean-up efforts and ongoing humanitarian support.

The work you do might be manual labour, such as clearing debris and building new infrastructure, or you might work within communities to deliver food and supplies or care for vulnerable people. If you have ever watched the news during a natural disaster overseas and felt helpless, becoming a humanitarian volunteer might be right for you.

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