Construction Projects Abroad

Construction Conservation Projects Abroad

From national landmarks to Grade II listed buildings; construction projects abroad help restore old structures and bring them back to life.

Participating on a construction conservation projects abroad usually involves repairing and conserving historic buildings, carrying out dilapidation surveys, assessing operational fire risks, salvaging and re-using existing materials (when possible), inquiring about the availability of historic materials, checking for rot and other areas requiring special attention and more. Volunteers usually have some level of skill in these areas to tackle the delicate frames and materials of the older buildings. Historic and listed buildings require some extra special care at times and specialist techniques usually need be applied to fix tricky problems. Participants have the opportunity to shadow experienced workers to learn guidance and leadership. Volunteers can usually expect to find the work ahead of them quite physically demanding and sometimes long days are required to ensure schedules are met.

If you would like to volunteer on a construction conservation project abroad as part of your gap year check out our product listings and get in contact with a company who can help you.