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Early Learning and Baby Weighing in Ghana

Inspire a passion for learning

Early Learning and Baby Weighing in Ghana
From £895
Duration 14 - 84 Days
From £895
Duration 14 - 84 Days
Help to create fun and educational activities with the children in the local nursery as well supporting vital baby-weighing sessions

What will I be doing?

Volunteers work alongside the kindergarten and nursery teacher to run English sessions. They also run small group sessions with the pupils to ensure that all the children are learning. When volunteers run activities with the main class it gives the local teacher an opportunity to focus on individual students. Without the help of the volunteers the teacher would rarely be able to help the children on an individual focused level. Volunteers do not lead full lessons alone.

Activities that you may be involved in include:

  • Educational early learning lessons including phonics and numbers
  • English activities and games
  • Dance and group activities
  • Maths lessons
  • Supervising and interacting during play time
  • Organising music and art activities

Volunteers also have the opportunity to get involved in Baby Weighing clinics, which take place 3 times a month and are held in surrounding villages. These are attended by mothers with children who are 0-5 years old.

How will I make a difference?

Volunteers are needed since the kindergarten has limited staff and resources so volunteers are able to help support the local staff and provide focused education assistance to the children.

Although English is the national language of Ghana, the level of English in this area is low since many children speak local tribal languages. All Primary and Secondary school subjects in Ghana are taught in English, so a good understanding of the language is vital for furthering their education. By interacting with the young children in English volunteers are directly improving the children’s prospects.

At the Baby Weighing clinics, volunteers are helping mothers to monitor their baby’s development, checking they are growing and are healthy

Volunteers work alongside the local team and act as positive role models for the children, inspiring a passion to learn and developing creative thinking at both the baby weighing clinic and at the kindergarten.

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country Ghana

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