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Elephant Protection Volunteering

Elephant Protection Volunteering
From £269
Duration 7 - 56 Days
From £269
Duration 7 - 56 Days
Take part in this amazing opportunity that seeks to promote sustainable elephant-based tourism, benefiting the local community and the elephants, whilst you enjoy the incredible country of Thailand!
Elephants in Thailand suffer a lot, because of humans. Some elephants have to entertain crowds at circuses, whilst others have to give tourist rides. As a result, the life expectancy of these beautiful creatures has dropped by at least half.
But you can help these wonderful animals! Join our incredible project which aims to protect elephants in Thailand. The programme promotes a more sustainable form of elephant-based tourism which benefits all.
With our programme elephants are able to live a full, free life in their natural habitat. The project promotes an ethical tourist attraction and fosters a sense of community. The project benefits all, including the elephant trainers who we help by showing them how to properly care for the elephants.
The project is in Moon River, Baan Tha Klang Village, which is an hour’s drive north-west of Surin City. It is part of the Isaan region of north-eastern Thailand. This is the ideal spot for you to sample its well-known spicy and delicious food and experience the rural culture.
Your daily tasks include:
– Planting large amounts of grass and bamboo to guarantee that the elephants will have enough food on a daily basis
– Working with the elephant trainers
– Planting and weeding the fields as well as cutting the grass and preparing the new crop
– Building shelters to give the elephants some respite from the sun, which can reach sweltering temperatures of 40°C+
– Bathing the elephants and feeding them.
You will only be working 4 hours a day, but will make such a huge impact. This is an amazing opportunity for an in-depth elephant experience.
What’s included?
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information and advice
  • Sightseeing activities
  • In-country assistance and support
  • 24-hour emergency contacts
  • In-country induction and training
  • Donation to the project
  • Volunteers can be met at Bangkok bus station at 7am on the Monday. If you choose to use Bangkok airport, you can arrive on Sunday evening and stay in a hostel. Then make your way to the bus station (a very easy taxi ride) on the Monday morning for your collection.
  • Accommodation: on-project residence
  • Food: all meals included and provided by staff
What is NOT included?
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Visas
  • Monthly or weekly stipend

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
Experience Volunteering
Region South East Asia
Country Thailand

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