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Elephant Rescue and Conservation in Cambodia

Help rehabilitate the elephants

Elephant Rescue and Conservation in Cambodia
From £795
Duration 7 - 84 Days
From £795
Duration 7 - 84 Days
Observe gentle giants in their natural forest habitat and assist the team in conducting elephant health checks.

The Elephant Conservation team provide a sanctuary to rescued Asian elephants.
You will assist the local team in conducting observations of the elephants and learn how to carry out health checks which helps to identify any concerns. Assist the daily running of the sanctuary through farming and construction tasks which directly benefits the elephants. The efforts of the local team and volunteers help to discourage further domestication of wild elephants and demonstrate the value of elephants living freely. The sanctuary provides employment for the elephants’ owners, so that they do not need to work elephants.
See a side of Cambodia beyond most tourists’ itineraries, learn about the local Bunong culture and explore the nearby waterfalls and tropical forests during your free time.

What will I be doing?

The sanctuary is a 1500 acre area of forest which is home to 9 Asian elephants, rescued from a variety of backgrounds. Here they can live a more natural life and be rehabilitated.
The daily schedule will differ and generally volunteers spend half of each day with the elephants, observing them or assisting with their health checks. Volunteer observations and health checks are vital in identifying any concerns regarding the elephants.
You may also be involved in research tasks such as monitoring and recording the feeding habits and preferences of the elephants. This is important in guiding decisions as to which plant species should be grown for the elephants to feed on in the forest.
The other half of each day is spent assisting with tasks required by the sanctuary and the local community. These tasks may include:

  • Harvesting banana and pineapple trees for the elephants
  • Supporting the nursery and reforestation project
  • Road and trail maintenance
  • Farming
Experience Volunteering
Region South East Asia
Country Cambodia

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