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Elephant & Wild Dog Conservation

Elephant & Wild Dog Conservation
From £1325
Duration 14 - 84 Days
From £1325
Duration 14 - 84 Days
Actively participate in the long-term conservation of Namibia's remote, free-roaming wild dog and elephant populations.

Play a part in the long-term conservation of two iconic species: the African wild dog and African elephant. Work in northern Namibia to mitigate the conflict between these animals and humans.

As human populations grow and expand, the habitat and ranges of larger animals is increasingly threatened. Settlements, farming and roads are interrupting elephants’ traditional routes, bringing them into conflict with farmers, as they destroy crops, water pumps and fences. The African wild dog is without a doubt the most endangered large mammal in Namibia, with a population of less than 500 in the wild. The project aims to establish more reliable data on the free-ranging wild dog population, including distribution and range, group composition, movements, breeding and prey ecology.

Volunteers assist researchers in documenting the movements and activities of elephants and wild dogs in the area. Using GPS and VHF monitoring equipment, motion sensitive trail cameras and footprint tracking techniques, participants immerse themselves in the lives of the world’s largest land mammal and one of the Africa’s most endangered carnivores.

Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country Namibia

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