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Experience the India few others see

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Experience the India few others see
From £820
Duration 28 - 112 Days
From £820
Duration 28 - 112 Days
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India – experience it differently

This isn’t your usual gap year trip – a whistlestop tour of the Taj Mahal, Mumbai and a few temples. You can still visit these amazing sites, but with AV you’ll experience India differently…
The Lepcha people are a small indigenous tribe who live in the remote foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, numbering between just 30,000 and 50,000.
It’s a community and part of India that very few visitors get to spend time in, making it all the more special for those that do.

India program in the Lepcha community

On the AV program in India we help support the Indigenous Lepcha Association in north east India in their efforts to retain their ancient culture.
Living in a Lepcha village at around 1500 – 2000m, your project will include helping with subsistence farming on tiny terraced fields of rice, ginger and spices.
Gap Year India
You will teach English in the village culture centre and in tiny local schools, living close to a Lepcha family for true cultural immersion.
Become part of the community As part of a group you will live in the middle of a community, learning about the local culture, engaging and connecting with people with lives vastly different to your own. It’s about sharing your skills and knowledge in a way that is useful to them.
Make an Impact We are passionate about the difference you can make and we work with each participant individually to ensure you can use your skills to make a meaningful contribution.
Independent, supported travel At the end of the 12-week project, you can choose to include four weeks of independent travel, whilst still making use of our 24/7 in-country support.
Gap Year 100 We are committed to taking a maximum of 100 per year on our gap year programs. As a non-profit, AV’s focus is on providing both volunteers and our partner communities with the best experience possible and by limiting our numbers we ensure we can treat every applicant individually and place them where they can have the most impact.
AV programs are no ordinary gap year experiences, it’s a community of individuals with shared experiences and we are with you long after you get back from the project. “Once an AV, always an AV.”
About India
This extraordinary country has incredible diversity, from the towering silence of snowbound peaks to the lap of waves on coral shores, via the cacophony of noisy, frantic cities. It is a country of new wealth but also staggering poverty, both in the cities and in the countryside. Our work experience and gap year programs are located in the Darjeeling area in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Hot deserts, cold deserts, fertile flood plains, tea plantation covered hills, thousands of different people, languages, ancient cultures and religions.
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Teaching children in India
Map of India

Experience Volunteering
Region South Asia
Country India

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Africa & Asia Venture (AV) offers adventure travel and volunteering programs in Africa and Asia for those aged 17 to 25. Travel for as long you like, whether you have 2 weeks or 52 weeks. Live with other gappers in the local community, as the locals live.
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