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Gap Year Volunteering Programs in Costa Rica

Spend Your Gap Year in Costa Rica

Gap Year Volunteering Programs in Costa Rica
From £509
Duration 7 - 168 Days
From £509
Duration 7 - 168 Days
Make the most of your gap year by volunteering in Costa Rica and make a difference in society. Your little contributions can make a big impact.

Known for its verdant coffee plantation covered hills and volcanic national parks, Costa Rica also has dense tropical forests, stunning waterfalls and roaring rivers that make it the ideal destination for travelers who love to explore the diverse landscapes.

No matter whether you are a high school/college student looking for a meaningful volunteering experience or a gap year traveller, your experiences in Costa Rica will be unparalleled. The country attracts more than a million tourists every year with its beautiful beaches, wildlife, forests and mainly for Eco-tourism. More than a quarter of land mass has been set aside as protected reserves, the largest in the world. There are many famous National Parks and Forest Reserves throughout Costa Rica.


  • Programs in Costa Rica are available throughout the year
  • About 7 programs available in and around San Jose
  • Minimum age to join a program is 17 years and above
  • Programs are available for a minimum of 1 week to maximum 24 weeks
  • Perfectly customisable options for students joining in groups
  • Immense international work exposure and first-hand learning experience
  • Volunteering opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the underprivileged ones
  • Work for the Turtle Conservation Program and help conserve their habitat
  • Explore the Pacific & Caribbean beaches, soak in the beauty of the country and know more about the people
  • Take adventure trips to Arenal Volcano and explore several other eco-reserves
  • Certificate of Completion after the program ends


If Costa Rica has been there on your checklist since forever, then now is the time to end all procrastination and set out from that much-awaited volunteering trip. Volunteering Solutions has a wide range of amazing & affordable opportunities for high school/ college/ university students as well as gap year travellers who are keen on setting out to make a difference, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Take a quick look at the list below!

Turtle Conservation Program – If it has been your dream to live on the beaches for a considerable period of time, then probably you should do that during your gap year in Costa Rica! And in this case, the best part would be that you’ll also get to volunteer and work for the well-being of the turtles. As a volunteer for this project, your main role will be to protect turtle nests from human poachers, help manage sustainable egg-harvesting programs, and work in hatcheries to ensure Costa Rica’s turtle population does not become endangered.

Childcare Program – As a volunteer, you’ll be working at the community child care centers, as well as, daycare centers in and around the capital city of San Jose. Costa Rica faces a constant migration problem, as poor people from the neighbouring countries often move here in search of work. The child care centers are usually filled with underprivileged children who are mostly malnourished, hence needing proper care and attention. You’ll be working alongside the local staff in providing basic education as well as love, care and much-needed attention to the children.

Wildlife Rescue Center Program – Costa Rica is home to more than 200 species of mammals and more than 800 species of birds, and as a volunteer at the Wildlife Rescue Center, you’ll be engaged in taking care of the animal victims of repossession, loss of habitat and accidents from all corners of the country who are brought in by local officials. Being a part of this project, your major role will be to clean the cages, preparing food for the animals and feeding them under custody, and to learn more about the flora and fauna of the region.

Healthcare Program – You’ll be working at small private and semi-private clinics and pharmacies around Heredia and San Jose, shadowing and assisting the medical staff in their day to day tasks. Volunteers will have to mainly do the regular check-ups that include checking the blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc. It’ll be an incredible opportunity to serve the localities as well as lessen the burden of the doctors & nurses working at the clinics with them.

What's Included

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  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Pre- Departure Information
  • Orientation
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Country Costa Rica

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