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Gap Year Volunteering Programs in Ghana

Spend Your Gap Year in Ghana & Make A Difference

Gap Year Volunteering Programs in Ghana
From £222
Duration 7 - 168 Days
From £222
Duration 7 - 168 Days
Make the most of your gap year by doing something incredible! Travel to Ghana and join a meaningful volunteering program to impact several underprivileged lives.

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is a West African nation, known for diverse wildlife, old forts, and secluded beaches. Being a developing country, Ghana still has a huge section of underprivileged people who live in extremely poor conditions and are deprived of certain basic necessities. Choosing Ghana as your gap year destination will not only be a bold endeavor but an equally enriching experience.

No matter which project you join, your contribution will surely make a difference in the lives of the people. It’ll be a great opportunity to know the local people more closely, to observe their daily chores and to add some happiness to their otherwise monotonous lives. Ghana is regarded as one of the safest countries in West Africa and Ghanaian people are regarded as one of the most hospitable and friendliest people.


  • Programs in Ghana are available throughout the year
  • About 8 programs available in Tamale Region and around
  • Minimum age to join a program is 17 years and above
  • Programs are available for a minimum of 1 week to maximum 24 weeks
  • Perfectly customisable options for students joining in groups
  • Immense international work exposure and first-hand learning experience
  • Volunteering opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the underprivileged ones
  • Take exciting trips to the Mole National Park, Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and enjoy a great Wildlife experience
  • Learn more about Ghanaian culture, festivals, and cuisines
  • Certificate of completion after the program ends


Considering the fact that Ghana is a developing country, a little contribution from the volunteers will undoubtedly culminate to make some positive impact on society. The entire experience will always help you grow and become a better person. It’ll make you more compassionate and empathetic while adding more values to your life. There will be challenges, and that, eventually, will make you a stronger person. There are opportunities to work at childcare centers, teach at local schools, help in community development and provide support, especially, in the healthcare departments.

Summer Volunteering Program – If you are just thinking of setting out for a month’s time, then this would be the apt choice for you! Participants joining this program will get to work for the Community Development in Tamale, and travel across some of the most famous destinations in Ghana. It’ll give an opportunity to witness the Ghanaian way of life, the culture, and customs of this beautiful country. Explore the National Parks, go for Wildlife Safaris, celebrate local festivals and attend tribal functions while being a part of this program.

2 Weeks Special Program – For those who are planning to cover some other countries as well, and have just a couple of weeks to explore Ghana, this would be the best option! Participants joining this program will have to work with the girls and teach them basic skills in English, Maths, Social Studies etc. The focus should be on encouraging these girls to study, attend school regularly and strengthen their base. Volunteers in this program will enjoy a rewarding experience by assisting the teachers to deliver lessons. Apart from the work, volunteers will get two weekends to explore the wildlife in Ghana and visit the National Parks.

Medical and Healthcare Program – Volunteering for this project would give the participant an insight into the health care system in a developing African Nation. This project is meant for medical professionals and final year medical students who are expert in handling patients and can work in the areas of maternal health, mental health, surgery, laboratories, counseling, and testing. This would give them a chance to serve the society where there’s a lack of healthcare facilities and the adequate number of doctors to give proper attention to all the patients.

Community Development Program – Volunteers joining this community development project will get to work with the local people in villages that are located around 15-20 km from the city of Tamale. The main tasks of the volunteers would be to renovate the schools and houses of the villagers in these areas, and also make villagers aware about hygiene and cleanliness. Participants will also get involved in the teaching project at the village schools during the days for a few hours.

You can also check out our website to find out more about these programs as well as to take a look at the other programs that are available in Ghana.

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Orientation
  • Pre- Departure Information
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Region Africa
Country Ghana

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