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Gap Year Volunteering Programs in Morocco

Spend Your Gap Year in Morocco

Gap Year Volunteering Programs in Morocco
From £337
Duration 7 - 168 Days
From £337
Duration 7 - 168 Days
It'll be incredible to immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture while meaningfully doing something for the society.

Morocco is one of the most exciting, culturally rich and diverse destinations to travel in North Africa. It is a great destination for volunteers and gap year travelers who are looking to help in different meaningful projects as well as get an opportunity to learn about Islamic/Arabic traditions which form an important part of Moroccan culture.

You’ll get an opportunity to explore and experience the vibrancy of Morocco while volunteering for change. Morocco, being a developing country, still, has certain sections of underprivileged people who need a little help in order to have a better place in society and live a good life.


  • Programs in Morocco are available throughout the year
  • About 4 meaningful opportunities located in and around Rabat, the capital city
  • Minimum age to join a program is 18 years and above
  • Programs are available for a minimum of 1 week to maximum 24 weeks
  • Perfectly customisable options for students joining in groups
  • Immense international work exposure and first-hand learning experience
  • Volunteering opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the underprivileged ones
  • Experience a unique mix of European, Arabic, and African (Berber) culture in one place
  • Learn more about Moroccan culture, festivals, and cuisines
  • Certificate of completion after the program ends


In spite of the recent developments, the country still has a huge population living in underprivileged conditions and dealing with several problems, each day. Volunteering in Morocco will definitely be a journey that’ll change your way to look at life and turn you into a more humble person. If you are still thinking which programs are available in Morocco and what exactly you can do to make your gap year meaningful, then take a quick look at the following snippets.

Childcare Program – Being a volunteer, you would get to work with children ranging from toddlers to young adults who are around 16 years old. Spend adequate time with the children, teach them basic lessons of English/ French and Maths, as well as extra-curricular activities like arts, crafts, dancing, and music etc. Tell them stories of your life and inspire them to dream of a better future.

Women Empowerment Program – A huge chunk of women population in Morocco are still victims of poor economic and social conditions. A lot of women live in poverty and are abused, especially, in the underprivileged communities, and you’ll be playing an active role in the lives of these women, guiding them to earn their livelihood, safeguard their rights and make them aware of it and also, help them become independent individuals. We’ll be working with local NGOs and women’s rights organizations who have been fighting for the cause for quite some time.

NGO Support Program – If you wish to take up an active role to bridge the gap between the common man and the government in Morocco, and gain some first-hand learning experience of dealing with some critical social problems, then this is your chance. Be a part of the NGO Support Program and get associated with local organizations dealing with human rights, child issues, women rights, education, strengthening government accountability etc.

Teaching (English / French) Program – Volunteers joining the Teaching Program in Rabat get to play an important role in the lives of the children. You will be placed in community schools, public schools or schools run by NGOs where the teacher-student ratio is inadequate. You can help the teachers in preparing their daily lessons and organize interactive classes with the aim of improving the pronunciation and conversational skills of the students.

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Pre- Departure Information
Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country Morocco

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