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Giant Panda Center in China

Volunteer with Pandas

Giant Panda Center in China
From £990
Duration 7 - 7 Days
From £990
Duration 7 - 7 Days
Assist in an essential and rewarding program with giant pandas in China. Make a real impact in safeguarding this captivating animal.

The survival of this species has been threatened in the past, so all conservation efforts are of paramount importance.
This center is located near Ya’an City. For over 20 years the organization has worked for the preservation of the panda population, focusing primarily on breeding and reproduction research. The survival of the species was previously threatened and current conservation efforts are essential in ensuring this doesn’t happen again. The current panda birth and survival rates are some of the best in the world as is reflected in the rise in numbers  from an initial 6 animals to over 70 pandas.
In 2003 the first stage of a state-of-the-art panda base with 6 sections was created. It is divided into 6 sections: panda raising and breeding area, scientific study area, food preparing and animal hospital area, staff living area, bamboo base area, and a tourist accommodation area.
Volunteers will  assist in safeguarding the future of these enchanting animals by working closely with a trainer in taking care of the pandas. Some of your volunteering tasks may include:

  • Preparing food for the pandas such as apples, panda bread, and carrots
  • Chopping and carrying bamboo
  • Cleaning the panda enclosures

Please note: There is no direct contact with the pandas.

Experience Volunteering
Region Asia
Country China

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