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Healthcare Community Projects in Guatemala

Volunteer in Guatemala

Healthcare Community Projects in Guatemala
From £450
Duration 14 - 180 Days
From £450
Duration 14 - 180 Days
Volunteer in healthcare placements in Guatemala and make an invaluable difference to local communities. Immerse yourself in local life with 25 x Spanish lessons included.


  • Work directly with vulnerable and under-resourced communities.
  • Choose from projects ranging from treating chronic malnutrition to personal hygiene campaigns.
  • All healthcare backgrounds welcome, including doctors, dentists, nurses & nutritionists.
  • Immerse yourself in local life with 25 x Spanish lessons included.
  • Live in the beautiful region of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala.
  • Spend your free time discovering ancient Mayan temples, volcanoes and colourful colonial towns.

Medical Elective


In this placement you will be helping local organisations tackle Guatemala’s deep-rooted healthcare issues, including chronic malnutrition and a disproportionate access to basic healthcare services. Rural communities in particular suffer, with 80% of the country’s doctors being based in Guatemala City.

Spanish Marks has partnered with local organisations and charities providing healthcare assistance to under-resourced local communities in the region of Quetzaltenango. There are projects for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, including nutritionists, doctors, nurses, dentists and project managers.

The organisations we partner with are fully-vetted and run by local professionals who have a strong understanding of community needs.

Medical Projects

Types of Projects

We will match your skills and background with projects where you can be of benefit to the host organisation and community they serve.

The healthcare organisations and charities we partner with are set up to provide direct patient care and operate much like regular hospitals. You will be working alongside local staff and gaining an invaluable insight into Guatemala’s healthcare system.

As a healthcare volunteer, you may be involved in disease screening, weighing babies or monitoring pregnant women. In many cases you may be the first point of contact for local communities in need of healthcare assistance.

There are also projects that focus on disease prevention and education, including setting up workshops on maximising nutritional value from available foods. You could also get involved with campaigns on sexual education and awareness.

Volunteers are also encouraged to share their own skills and knowledge with their host organisation and there are opportunities to create your own community-based healthcare projects.

Projects range from 2 weeks to 6 months, and start dates can be customised to your preferences.

Gap medics

Spanish lessons included

25 x Spanish lessons are included for all volunteers. These are taken before you leave for Guatemala, and through an online classroom where you can see and speak to your tutor. This allows you to learn from any location with flexible scheduling options. Since Guatemala is a Spanish-speaking country, these lessons will allow you to make the most out of your time abroad and give you a lifelong skill.

Some projects require no previous Spanish language skills, whilst other projects require advanced level. Our placement advisers will match you to projects which are suitable for you.


Whilst accommodation is not included in the project price, we can arrange this for you at cost price, with no added fees.

Your personal placement adviser can organise accommodation to suit your preferences, from hotels to local family homestays. Homestays are approximately £55 per week, and include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Accommodation options will be based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala’s second largest city. Set in the highlands, this city is surrounded by stunning volcanoes and only a couple of hours from the coast and historic colonial towns, such as Antigua.


What's Included

  • 25 x Spanish lessons (online)
  • Personal Placement Advisor
  • Tailored project with a fully-vetted organisation in Guatemala
  • Pre-departure placement preparation
  • Welcome Induction
  • Overseas Support
  • Advice on Accommodation and Travel
Experience Volunteering
Country Guatemala

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