Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement

Volunteer in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement
From £500 - 2190
Duration 7 - 56 Days
From £500 - 2190
Duration 7 - 56 Days
Volunteer in Ho Chi Minh in an array of different volunteering projects to support this community in need.

Volunteer in Ho Chi Minh in an array of different volunteering projects to support this community in need. Volunteers will be assigned a project placement based on the current needs of the community. Project placements include working with special needs children, working at a kindergarten, working in a food kitchen or helping college students to improve their English language and other skills.

No matter your placement, you can be rest assured that your assistance will help to improve this community and bring a smile to its citizens’ faces.

Some of your volunteering tasks may include:

  • Playing games with children
  • Mentoring students
  • Preparing and serving food
Experience Volunteering
Region South East Asia
Country Vietnam

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