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Lion Rehabilitation Projects

Lion Rehabilitation Projects
From £1441
Duration 14 - 84 Days
From £1441
Duration 14 - 84 Days
Help to improve Zimbabwe's lion population by volunteering on a lion rehabilitation project, a stone's throw away from the magnificent thundering waters of Victoria Falls.

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Why not take the opportunity to work with Africa’s most majestic predators, and walk with lions in the wild? Our programmes are world leading, aiming to release lions back into the wild and engages in conservation. We have lion projects based in Zambia, Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe.
The numbers of lions roaming Africa has dropped significantly over the past 30 years, from over 200,00 to as little as 16,300. The problem is, of those that remain, many have weak, in-bred genetics, which don’t bode well for strong future generations. The overall end objective for these projects is to rehabilitate the lions bred in captivity back into the wild, so that they can teach the necessary survival skills to their cubs. We need you as volunteer support is essential in supporting this ground-breaking research objective.
There are 3 stages to the release programme; pre-release involving teaching the lions survival skills, the release stage where lions are put in a semi-wild environment to hone their hunting skills while being monitored and finally the release stage where they are released with the aim of producing quality, disease-free lions. Join the local team of professional guides and other dedicated volunteers, gain a deeper understanding of the King of Beasts and assist us in gathering vital information that will facilitate their eventual release and preservation of this impressive species.

Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country Zimbabwe

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