Volunteering in Romania

Volunteer in Romania

Volunteering in Romania is a great way to help people living in a country plagued with problems from its past.The country was under direct military control of the USSR for many years and although now a member of the European Union, its economy has suffered largely due to this time. As a volunteer in Romania you’re likely to take part in childcare and orphanage-based projects. This is due to a high unemployment rate and little state support for young families.  

When representing as a volunteer in Romania your project could be based in cities such as Bucharest or Transylvania, or in rural areas such asValea Screzii near the Carpathian Mountains. Volunteers are likely to teach English to the local students and help create the next generation of international business people. Volunteering with preschool children will mainly involve reading stories; training them on basic numeracy skills and teaching them nursey rhymes in English. Volunteering in Romania doesn’t usually require any specific skill set or qualifications, just a can-do attitude and the need to get ‘stuck-in’.

If you’d like to volunteer in Romania on your gap year then check out the many volunteer opportunities on gapyear.com and get in contact with one of our partners.