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Nepal Child Care Volunteering

Support their day to day lives

Nepal Child Care Volunteering
From £775
Duration 14 - 84 Days
From £775
Duration 14 - 84 Days
Volunteer with children in nurseries and schools. Live in a family-run guest house and really experience Nepali culture in the beautiful city of Pokhara.

Volunteer role: What will I be doing?

You will join in the day to day activities at a nursery or child care centre working with children aged 1-5 years. You will help with day to day tasks such as cleaning, meal times and supervising play and also playing a valuable role in supporting the education of the older children. By taking groups of 5 or 6 children and teaching them basic English (such as the alphabet and numbers), you will free up local staff to attend to other children. Having volunteers also gives the children a head start in preparation for joining school later on.

You should come prepared with ideas for activities suitable for children of different ages – think of your old favourite playground games, nursery rhymes, stories and arts & crafts sessions! During your first week you will also receive an introduction to the Nepali language.

Working days and hours

Volunteers normally work 5 days a week with 2 days off. Generally volunteers start at 10am and finish at 6pm. Your schedule may vary but most volunteers work three hours in the morning at one placement and three hours in the afternoon at another placement. There are lots of fun free time activities to get involved in on your days off.

Why are volunteers needed?

Volunteers provide support by working alongside local staff to enable the achievement of both short term and long term goals. This happens through working with the children and inspiring a passion to learn and helping to develop creative thinking and vital problem solving skills.

The placements we work with are underfunded and understaffed and so the extra assistance that volunteers are able to provide is so important. Since the projects began, the local staff have seen that interaction with volunteers has naturally improved the children’s English and confidence and small group work helps to increase their self-esteem. The increased ability and confidence with speaking English gives the young people an educational advantage and an opportunity to move onto further education or better jobs. Tourism is a large source of income in Pokhara, so having a good command of English is essential to make a living. Education is key to solving many of the root causes of poverty and our volunteers on all three roles play a vital part in this process for these children.

Experience Volunteering
Region South Asia
Country Nepal

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