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Orangutan Conservation in Borneo

Become an orangutan volunteer at this award-winning sanctuary!

Orangutan Conservation in Borneo
From £1280 - 1995
Duration 15 - 29 Days
From £1280 - 1995
Duration 15 - 29 Days
Volunteer at the award-winning Matang Wildlife Centre in Sarawak, Borneo, and help to aid the rehabilitation of orangutans, sun bears and more.

Project Highlights

  • Create enrichment for the orangutans to use, keeping their senses (such as taste, touch and sight) stimulated
  • Witness the orangutans during feeding times, enrichment and husbandry activities, allowing you to witness the pay-off of your efforts
  • Help out with organic farming to allow the sanctuary to become as sustainable as possible, and to provide food for the animals

This multi-award-winning orangutan project, based in the world famous Matang Wildlife Centre, focusses on the conservation and protection of Borneo’s most fascinating and enchanting species: the ‘Man of the Forest’ himself, the orangutan. If you’ve ever had an interest in this incredible species, and have felt compelled to make a difference to their conservation yourself, then perhaps a volunteer experience is for you!

Due to mass deforestation, mining and forest fires, the habitat of the area’s orangutans is depleting and under constant threat. As a consequence, the species is increasingly endangered. The Matang Wildlife Centre is a refuge for orangutans (as well as other species) which have been left injured, orphaned or have been rescued – usually as a direct result of these threats. The centre works tirelessly to reverse this trend in a number of ways and is thoroughly enriched by the involvement of volunteers.

Aman the orangutan
Enrichment activities, construction of feeding platforms, husbandry efforts and more all contribute in some way to the daily running of the sanctuary, and as a volunteer, you’ll serve as an extra pair of hands on these important tasks. What’s more, your volunteer fee will continue to make a difference even long after you’ve returned home, allowing the project to continue reaching its goals by being funded by your support. What better way to make a difference than by visiting Borneo on a project today?
Please note: we operate a strict ‘no contact’ policy for the orangutans. This is for the safety of both the animals and the volunteers, and you can read more about this on our website.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
Experience Volunteering
Region South East Asia
Country Indonesia

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