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Reef Conservation in the Caribbean

Spend your days diving!

Reef Conservation in the Caribbean
From £995
Duration 7 - 168 Days
From £995
Duration 7 - 168 Days
Join an award-winning project and become part of an active research team. Gain PADI qualifications whilst living on your own private island in the Caribbean.

Volunteer Role:

Each day will differ but volunteer tasks can include:

* Reef Check survey
* Queen Conch shell fish surveys
* Coral watch data collection
* Lobster Surveys
* Lionfish population monitoring and control
* Community education and awareness campaigns

There are 2-4 dives per day which are structured with opportunities to do a mix of reef check survey dives and species dives and wall dives. There are fun dives too, so the schedule is relaxed and not too regimented.

The early morning and night recreational dives are a great way to begin or end your day. On the reef, along with the more common marine life, volunteers frequently spot hawksbill and loggerhead turtles, spotted eagle rays, dolphins and manta rays. If you are lucky, at full moon you may also see whale sharks and the bioluminescence water light show from the String of Pearls.

You will assist the local team by collecting data, monitoring species and documenting sightings. This enables the project to collect larger quantities of data to assist the local government’s decision making regarding fishing in the area as well as how best to protect the area from the threat from invasive species and climate change. Divers of all abilities are welcome as training can be provided on site.





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Region Central America
Country Belize

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