Safari Park Volunteer

Volunteer with Exotic Animals in Thailand

Safari Park Volunteer
From £170
Duration 3 Days
From £170
Duration 3 Days
Our Mission - to educate our staff, add enrichment to our animals lives and ensure all visitors understand the importance of animal health, well-being, and happiness. ​

Our volunteering program gives people from all over the globe the opportunity to join forces with our Thai staff to provide care and enrichment to all of our animals.
In the five years the program has been running, volunteers have influenced remarkable changes that have improved the park’s view on animal care and husbandry indefinitely. The program has gone from strength to strength since it launched in 2013.

The volunteer program has funded many projects to date which have provided the park’s animals with bigger enclosures, higher conditions of living and will continually strive to ensure all animals here are receiving high-quality care and daily enrichment.

When volunteering with us there are many activities you may be able to participate in, such as making and giving enrichment to all of our animals, watching our elephants bathe in the river daily, hand feeding our monkeys (after cleaning their enclosures), or walking our big cats in the jungle.

Long Term goals of the Volunteering program:

  •  Big Cat retirement home fundraising and building

  • Elephant enclosure fundraising and building

  • Educate all Thai staff on animal welfare and standards of care

  • To introduce more westernized standards of animal care and husbandry

Experience Volunteering
Region South East Asia
Country Thailand

Safari Park Volunteers

This project aims to support the work of the local staff that are committed to improving the welfare of the animals at the park, whilst educating the local industry about responsible tourism. The park cares for animals which are unable to live in the wild and aims to improve their lives at the Safari park through maintaining safe and clean living conditions as well as introducing enrichment projec...
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