Basketball Coaching

Coach Basketball

Basketball coaching has seen resurgence in recent years due to the sport shedding the image that it is exclusively for 7ft towering men or women. Everyone is now encouraged to play and this has taken off more so in the developing world. Basketball coaching programs abroad are the perfect way to exercise a love of travel while helping disadvantaged children around the world.

Many schools in under-privileged countries do not have the funding for new equipment or adequate training facilities. They rely on volunteers flying over and sharing their knowledge and in many cases, donating a sum of money to help towards new kit. Basketball coaching volunteers are responsible for organising training sessions, one on one practises and theory lessons. The aim of most basketball coaching programs is to get as many people in the community involved in the sport as possible so that it creates a sense of fulfilment for the local people.

Basketball coaching programs can be found in many places around the world including Ghana, Peru, Morocco, Mongolia, Senegal, India and more. If you wish to coach basketball abroad then check out our product listings to find out more.