Football Coaching

Coach Football

Taking part in a football coaching program abroad on your gap year will give you the chance to develop your career in sport while supporting children from under-privileged backgrounds.

These disadvantaged children do not have access to regular football coaching nor do they have the financial freedom to purchase gear or hire training grounds. Participants in football coaching programs will focus their time and attention organising training and coaching programs. Volunteers will motivate and develop the skills of these young people by providing tactical advice and general support. Participants may also be asked to assist the children with their English language skills and in turn they might even educate the volunteers with a few words from their native tongue!

Because of the drastic living conditions these children call home, volunteers become more than just football coaches, they become friends. The children are likely to turn to you for a shoulder to lean on when they need it and most football coaching programs encourage this type of brother/sister relationship with the pupils. If you enjoy working in a challenging environment and wish to share your passion for football then secure your place on a football coaching program when you’re on your gap year.