Coaching Tennis

Coach Tennis

Coaching tennis on your gap year is a great way to bring a sport thought to be only for the affluent to a community of under-privileged children in some of the world’s poorest areas. Many children who survive in the developing world are not likely to have ever picked up a racket. Volunteers who coach tennis help give these children a brighter future.

Most projects require volunteers to have some level of tennis ability (you can’t teach a student how to hit a tennis ball with a racket if you can’t!). Participants are required to run training clinics and matches for the children of the local community and arrange tournaments for the more advanced students. Facilities are usually far more basic than what you would find in your home country and some fundraising might be required for new equipment. Projects that centre on coaching tennis abroad usually include the volunteer’s accommodation and meals and encourage participants to safely discover their new town in their free time.

If coaching tennis on your gap year sounds like something that interests you have a look through our product listings and contact one of our partners who would be happy to help you.