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Volunteering on a summer placement is a great way to make good use of your time and do something amazing. Not everyone wants to laze around on a beach (or in their bedroom) on their summer holidays, and that’s where summer placements come into play. Summer placements are a great way to spend your holidays if you want to do something really worthwhile.

Volunteering on a summer placement can be anything from volunteering in a summer camp in the USA or Canada to water sport management projects in Kenya. The choice is yours, whether you’re looking for leadership opportunities, sports programmes or volunteering placements. All you need to do is work out what you want to do and where you want to go.

So, what are you going to do this summer? Laze away on the beach or volunteer on a summer placement?

Summer Volunteer Placements

Summer Placements in New Zealand

Summer Placements in New Zealand

Summer Placements in the UK

Summer Placements in the UK

Summer Placements in France

Summer Placements in France

Summer Placements in Spain

Summer Placements in Spain

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Secure yourself on of our summer placements and make sure your gap year or summer holiday is as good for your career as it is your tan.


Work at a Summer Camp

Primarily based in North America (though also found in places in Europe, like Hungary), summer camps are an awesome way to spend a few weeks working with kids, generally having the time of your life and making sure they have the time of theirs. And although you’ll usually have to pay an upfront fee and provide the cost for your flights, you will actually earn a wage when you’re there, so although technically you’re not making any money, you’re not losing any either! Well, not much at any rate.

North America

Summer camps in America are a tradition that stretch back for more than a century, and are generally aimed at boosting the development of the kids – or ‘campers’, as they’re known – who attend, be it in a cultural, physical or educational sense.

As an activity leader, you’ll be in charge of making sure this happens, and to make sure that above all the kids are having plenty of fun! You’ll need to be of an energetic disposition but at the same time be responsible and caring. It’s important to remember that these are kids you are looking after and as such vulnerable and in need of strong role models.

If you don’t want to work face to face with the kids you can also apply for work in maintenance, cleaning or kitchen duties. This can be equally rewarding, as you’ll still get to experience camp life but with less responsibility.


Keep in mind that summer camps can also be found outside of North America and they can specialise in certain things. For example, if you’re a football enthusiast who wants to pursue a career working with children, you could consider working as a coach at a football camp in Hungary. This will be such a rewarding experience and it’ll look fantastic on your CV.

Other Placements

The listings throughout these pages don’t necessarily have to be completed in the summer season itself, but they are all fairly short (typically between 2 weeks to 3 months) so the summer holidays are an ideal time to do them. You won’t have to take time out your studies and you can get a taste for what travelling and volunteering is like and perhaps sign up for a bigger trip next time around.

Popular job and internship placements include, but are not limited to…


Business is a global industry, so it makes perfect sense to do a business internship overseas during your summer holidays. Opportunities abound all over the globe, from Buenos Aires, the super-slick capital of Argentina, to Madrid, the fascinating capital of Spain. As well as making your CV look awesome, a summer business internship abroad will develop your cultural awareness, a hugely sought-after characteristic of any international business man or woman.


Volunteering on an internship with a fashion house during your summer would be such a cool thing to do. Even if you’re only remotely interested in the fashion industry, the experience of working among some of the top international fashionistas of the world would be awesome. We have options ranging from top fashion brands in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, to places in Spain, which admittedly isn’t quite as exotic but it does have lovely weather in the summer.


Use your summer to volunteer or take internships in some of the world’s financial powerhouses. The choice is yours: New York sound good? How about Hong Kong? Panama? Yeah, there’s loads. Working abroad in a finance internship will provide you with those insane levels of confidence required to be successful in the finance industry, and it would look brilliant on your CV.


Volunteering with a top law firm abroad on your summer holiday would certainly be useful and a wonderfully interesting experience. You could work in human rights law in developing countries or join the city slickers in places like Buenos Aires in Argentina.


Sure, you could get some work experience down at your local rag, but how much cooler would it be to gain experience in India, or Argentina, or somewhere similarly far flung?! Journalism is a notoriously competitive industry, meaning you need to do everything you possibly can to push your head above the crowd. If you can show on your CV that you had the initiative and courage to complete an internship overseas you’ll be putting yourself into a much stronger position.

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