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Teach in Guatemala and Learn Spanish

Volunteer in the 'Land of Eternal Spring'

Teach in Guatemala and Learn Spanish
From £450
Duration 14 - 180 Days
From £450
Duration 14 - 180 Days
Volunteer in teaching projects with underprivileged communities in Guatemala. Immerse yourself in local life with 25 x Spanish lessons included.

Spanish Marks offers the opportunity to work side-by-side with charities in the beautiful region of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala.

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You will be volunteering in educational projects which help local communities improve their future opportunities.

Guatemala has immense natural beauty from soaring volcanoes to ancient Mayan temples and colourful colonial towns. However, it also suffers from widespread poverty. Schools, particularly in rural and indigenous communities, are underfunded and lack basic resources. Many children are forced to abandon education at a young age to help support their families, leaving them with limited future opportunities.

There is plenty of need for volunteers to work alongside charities making a positive educational change.

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Types of Projects

Before you set out, we will work to understand your skills and interests and match you with community projects where you can make a tangible difference. Get involved in a wide range of projects, from teaching English to primary school children to promoting sexual education among adolescents.

There are also opportunities to work with adults. You could help charity staff set up educational workshops tackling Guatemala’s social issues including human rights, gender equality and nutritional education.

All placements are with fully-vetted charities run by locals who have a strong understanding of community needs. You will be working side-by-side with charity staff to experience local Guatemalan life and culture.

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Spanish lessons included

25 x Spanish lessons are included for all volunteers. These are taken before you leave for Guatemala, and through an online classroom where you can see and speak to your tutor. This allows you to learn from any location and there are flexible scheduling options. Since Guatemala is a Spanish-speaking country, these lessons will allow you to make the most out of your time abroad and give you a lifelong skill.

Some projects require no previous Spanish language skills, whilst other projects require advanced level. Our placement advisers will match you to projects which are suitable for you.


Whilst accommodation is not included in the project price, we can arrange this for you at cost price, with no added fees.

Your personal placement adviser can organise accommodation to suit your preferences, from hotels to local family homestays. Homestays are usually around £55 per week, and include breakfast, lunch and dinner.


“I spent 3 months in this outstanding country under the wing of Spanish Marks, living and experiencing local culture and life. For anyone thinking about volunteering, I can confirm that it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and with the help and support of Spanish Marks and the charity, I was able to make the most out of every moment whilst learning and contributing to a charity which helps an amazing rural community of around 500 families.”

– Jane Thomas, U.K.




What's Included

  • 25 x Spanish lessons (online)
  • Tailored project with a fully-vetted charity in Guatemala
  • Pre-departure placement preparation
  • Personal Placement Advisor
  • Overseas Support
Experience Volunteering
Country Guatemala

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