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Greek Islands Wildlife Conservation

Greek Islands Wildlife Conservation
From £256
Duration 14 - 720 Days
From £256
Duration 14 - 720 Days
Volunteering in a wildlife and biodiversity conservation project in the islands of Kalamos and Kastos with tours of the main island attractions and a language course in basic Greek.

The world wild places and wild life are in trouble. However in most cases we still dont have reliable information in terms of what is where for species and habitats and for their condition. This is especially true for our area in the inner Ionian where information on a variety of important types of information on both marine and terrestrial habitats. In addition to this a lack of alternative activities to ones causing destruction leads to the encroachement of an area or loss of species simply because these alternatives dont exist.Allong with these places the people that have coexisted with them for milennia in a rellative equilibrium that had allowed for the preservation of this biodiversity and their ways of life are also threatened.
Through The Kalamos and Kastos sustainable development program and the field volunteer program that supports it ,you can contribute to the work of the local grassroots organization Terra Sylvestris in collecting evidence and in developing income generating alternatives that will help protecting this unique place its wildlife, habitats and its people. At present we are collecting  information on several species  and habitats on both on sea and on land that will help in the long term preservation in the future and are also in the process of developing organic agriculture and permaculture alternatives through our eco-community initiative. This later activity will help reduce the ecological impact of human communities in the area in the future through the provision of an alternative model of dailiy existence which is more close to nature also.

The habitats we are protecting have either no real official protection status or their protection status is practically almost non existent. The prime example is  the practically non existent inner Ionian marine protected area that we are in the heart of  that has no management body and its legal status allows for the development of industrial aquaculture and trawling simply because of a lack of scientific evidence.
The species we are protecting range from the critically endangered monk seal to species of birds like the Green woodpecker and several types of birds of prey such as the golden eagle and the European wild cat.
By volunteering with this project you would  be helping  to make a  significant difference in a way that is both crucial and very efficient in protecting this unique place

Experience Volunteering
Region Europe
Country Greece

Terra Sylvestris

Terra Sylvestris works towards preserving and restoring the unique biological diversity of the Greek Kalamos island while at the same time being a driving force for sustainable development and environmental justice in the area. We are a largely volunteer run organization with scientific researchers, students, biologists, conservationists, natural resource managers, and people from all walks of lif...
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