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Volunteer, Scuba and Explore Madagascar

Marine & forest conservation, teaching and sailing.

Volunteer, Scuba and Explore Madagascar
From £1950
Duration 28 - 70 Days
From £1950
Duration 28 - 70 Days
Program includes a mix of projects and adventure which includes: marine and forest conservation (includes scuba training), teaching English and a 10 day sailing adventure.

An adventure for the intrepid.  Head off the beaten track and travel to the islands of Madagascar to help with marine and forest conservation (includes scuba training to advanced level) and teaching English, before sailing off on a 50ft research boat to visit remote islands and their communities. I promise you it doesn’t get much better.
A 10 week itinerary would include all of the following, but it is possible to go for a shorter time to include the phases that interest you.

Scuba Training and Marine Conservation:  4 weeks

Scuba train up to advanced level so you can help with their marine conservation projects, run in conjunction with the Oceanographic Research Institute of Madagascar, who have tasked us to assess the growth of the reef system and turtle health in the Lokobe Nature Reserve.


Forest Conservation:  2 weeks

Venture into the forest of  Nosy Komba island to study and monitor the families of the black, hawk’s sportive and mouse lemurs who are becoming increasingly rare. Here you’ll help identify changes in their population and habitat.

Island Hopping Adventure: 10 days

Doesn’t get much better than this. Hop on board a 50ft research boat and set off for two weeks to visit some of Madagascar’s remote islands – a once-in-a-lifetime Robinson Crusoe adventure.
As a taster, on Mamoko Island you’ll be able to observe the 100-year-old tortoises and a small lemur family on this tiny island with a community of just 40 people. Next stop, the idyllic Russian bay, where you’ll hike to see breath-taking views and snorkel amongst some of the most exotic marine life. On Iranja you’ll bathe in the pristine waters, wander the traditional markets and relax on the incredible sandbar.
In essence, you will be exploring by day – on and off the boat and will camp on the islands at night. Heaven.

Teaching: 2 weeks

Venture out to the local schools on Nosy Be and Nosy Komba islands to teach both kids and adults conversational English.
There is great demand among the island communities on Nosy Komba and Nosy Be to learn English in order to enhance their future job prospects and enable them to communicate with the growing number of tourists. Despite this enthusiasm, opportunities to learn the language from native speakers are scarce.
Time out includes hanging out on tropical islands, swimming with the elusive turtle, travelling over to the mainland and making a wish by the “sacred tree”.
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Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country Madagascar

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