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Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa

Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa
From £1380 - 6450
Duration 14 - 84 Days
From £1380 - 6450
Duration 14 - 84 Days
Live among some of Africa's spectacular wildlife and see the immediate benefits of your volunteer work while getting up close and personal with the many animals at the sanctuary.

The sanctuary serves as a safe space for orphaned or injured animals that, without support  would not be able to survive on their own. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for a variety of different animals, including elephants, lions, tigers, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, white lions, and hippos, as well as free-range game, such as giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, warthogs, impalas, waterbucks, and the red hartebeest. Though the goal is to rehabilitate the animals for release into their natural habitat, this is unfortunately not always possible.
As a volunteer, you will spend your time between continuous construction and maintenance projects and hands-on care for the animals. Some of the projects you may be involved in include:
Creating Fire Breaks: Many species such as the tortoises, dung beetles, and chameleona are the victims of fires that break out on the sanctuary’s land. Firebreaks are put in place to protect the sanctuary and control the spread of fire.
Enclosure Construction:  Help renovate, maintain, or construct new enclosures for the animals.
General Maintenance: You’ll be assisting with anti-poaching fence patrols that involve guided walks along the perimeter of the park to ensure that the fencing in intact. You’ll also get a chance to help clear alien vegetation, assist with anti-erosion control, and other maintenance projects on the sanctuary grounds.
Animal Life Improvement Project: Volunteers can help improve the lives of the sanctuary’s inhabitants by doing day-to-day cleaning, feeding and walking painting the sanctuary’s facilities, and building new enclosures and swimming pools for some of the animals.
There are also opportunities for volunteers to go out on game viewing drives or elephant walks and experience all the reserve had to offer.

Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country South Africa

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